Imagine the Moment of Your Birth

You stand in the exact center of a 360 circle.  You look up at the sky, and the planets, pulsing with electromagnetic energy, array themselves in the splendor of zodiac signs at precise locations above you. This is your astrological natal chart.

Astrology offers insight into each of us because the positions of the planets at our moment of birth represent a symbolic blueprint of our psyches. As the planets move, they interact with our natal chart and provide guidance into how we experience past, present and future events. Through understanding how planets influence our relationships, careers, and emotions, we can accept ourselves.

What my customers say about me

There were quite a few things that she told me that I agreed with but had never been able to describe myself. She was also able to provide me with examples of things/people/situations that I should avoid, and suggest alternatives, all based on my strengths and weaknesses.

Jenta Pokerwinski

Little unnerving at first to have someone understand more about you than yourself! Barbara has a way of explaining your natal chart in a completely non-judgemental and scientific way.

Nicole Tongue

What an amazing reading! I’ve had a number of natal chart readings before, but I’ve never gotten such insight into what’s behind some of my challenges and how to deal with them effectively. Awareness of planetary influences has been a key to bringing peace to these ongoing issues, not to mention a building block in general self-awareness.

Mary Kinneavy