While visiting the 7 Stars bookstore in Cambridge, MA in 2008, a book caught my eye:  Dynamics of the Unconscious, by Howard Sasportas and Liz Greene, co-founders of the Centre for Psychological Astrology. Thinking some of its contents could assist me with my current life circumstances, I opened the book. I happened to land on a page that discussed how astrological signs described different causes of depression; Scorpio, for example, defines this cause as unresolved grief.  Like many others, I think, astrology drew me in because it assured me that my current circumstances had meaning, a meaning beyond the cold statistics of science and the modern age.

I have studied ancient Greek, Jewish history and the ancient religions, and psychology.  I have taught writing at universities for 30 years, helping students write about what gives meaning to their lives.

Astrology embraces all of these seemingly disparate studies and gives meaning and coherence to them, emphasizing that each individual life has enormous meaning and significance and is part of a tapestry of which astrology offers a glimpse.

The universe is, indeed, a universe of thoughtful and meaningful design.  Astrology is a symbolic language, once translated, can help us not only see ourselves as significant within that meaningful design, but also accept ourselves and others with compassion.

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