What To Expect

Before we meet:  I will need your time, date and city or town of birth, and to ensure the reading provides the information you want, a list of any specific questions or areas of concern.  I will generate your natal astrological chart. (Link to what’s a Natal Chart in FAQ).

I then write a brief report that interprets your chart.  I interpret the psychic drive of each planet, how that psychic drive expresses itself, and in what areas of your life you need to express these drives.  I also interpret aspects and aspect patterns.  Taken together, your astrological natal chart is a symbolic portrait of your psyche:  how you love and relate to others, what you dream of becoming, where you want to go in your life, and more.

Then we talk!  Each reading lasts between one and one and half hours.  I focus on your areas of concerns, and provide 1) a description of your inner psyche as described by your astrological natal chart, 2) a description of inner conflicts or struggles as seen in your astrological natal chart, and 3) strategies to work with the dynamics and any inner conflicts or blocks in your astrological natal chart.