Where We Go

The locations of the planets in our astrological natal charts show where in your life these drives energize; do we assert ourselves at work on behalf of others, or do we assert ourselves most powerfully in our spiritual communities?

Astrologers believe the houses within a natal chart shows a progression through the various stages of life. The houses are defined as follows:

  • First House: Where we assert ourselves.
  • Second House: Where we discover our values.
  • Third House: Where we communicate.
  • Fourth House: Where we come from.
  • Fifth House: Where we create.
  • Sixth House: Where we organize.
  • Seventh House: Where we interact with others.
  • Eighth House: Where we make life-altering decisions.
  • Ninth House: Where we seek enlightenment.
  • Tenth House: Where we make our mark in the world.
  • Eleventh House: Where we commune.
  • Twelfth House: Where we surrender.

The location of the planets within a particular house vary from person to person. If there are three planets in one house for an individual, that area of life is being emphasized. Contact Astrology of You today to discover WHERE YOUR PLANETS LIVE.

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