I have always been interested in how my astrological sign affects my personality. At the recommendation of my mother, I was put into contact with Barbara. I was not sure what to expect during the reading, nor did I have any idea how my personality or life goals could be entwined with my natal chart.

I was intrigued, but not sold on astrology. While she did the reading I had the natal charts right in front of me; I am an extremely visual person and the information looked like a completely different language! I was a little overwhelmed but Barbara assured me that she would take me step-by-step through the natal chart.

She was already aware that I suffer from anxiety, just by reading my chart, and she catered to that aspect of my personality to a T. She started off by asking me if there was anything specific I was interested in hearing from her, naturally I had no clue, but I had a feeling she already knew that. She read me before I was even aware she read me, it was obvious that she knew what she was talking about, and had done her homework on the subject.

As she started I slowly became more comfortable with the conversation occurring, and she started telling me things about myself that were nearly 100% accurate. She made me feel like she was a close friend, I was not anxious about revealing anything about myself and I admitted to feeling exactly the way she described. She allowed me to be proactive in the reading, and the experience became more of a dialogue rather than someone blindly telling me how I should feel, or how to live my life.

There were quite a few things that she told me that I agreed with but had never been able to describe myself. She was also able to provide me with examples of things/people/situations that I should avoid, and suggest alternatives, all based on my strengths and weaknesses. One specific thing that she described was my ability to be extremely intuitive, and how my connection with other people is so strong that it becomes a source of the crippling anxiety that I feel on a regular basis. She stated that because of this connection, my involvement with any person that is not emotionally honest results in my own personal turmoil. I had never thought about this as being an anxiety trigger, and all of a sudden a lot of things made sense!

I was extremely impressed with her attention to detail, as well as her ability to direct the conversation based on the input that I gave her. She was exceedingly professional, she took her time, and she also validated everything that I had to say. Once the reading was finished, I had a lot on my mind, but was able to sort through everything in my notes with ease. I took a few pages of notes, and everything she had said made complete sense, all the information she gave me was delivered in an organized way. I could read what she told me like a story, rather than a list of random, seemingly unconnected information. I felt a wave of relief after speaking with her, I had not been expecting the sense of self-realization that a felt at the conclusion of the reading. This experience was something that I have unknowingly needed for quite some time, and I am pleased to say that Barbara facilitated the start of some serious self-actualization that I never thought possible. – Jenta Pokerwinski, Student